Sunday, December 23, 2007

It's Winter Already

As you can imagine the stores are very busy. I had to go in to make an exchange for a gift that I discovered had a problem when I went to wrap it. Huge line ups and tons of traffic. I only had that errand, a gift drop off, and a stop at the grocery store. I'm much happier at home that in that schmozzle. It was funny that I ran into a couple who I last ran into Christmas shopping last year. I said I hope to see them this time next year too.

My niece called today. She is addicted to her computer like I am and her hard drive is going. It's terrible when these things happen at holiday time. For her to go to an electronics store anytime in the next week will be pretty close to hellish. I was so lucky to have a brother in law who helped me out. The ethernet card was only twenty bucks so that was pretty painless too. I had bad luck this week and good luck too.

In the Bleak Midwinter is a favorite seasonal song for many. I have a few versions. Today is one by James Taylor and one by Allison Crowe. The weather hardly seems like the bleak midwinter. It is going to be eight degrees and raining tomorrow. Bring it on!!

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