Monday, December 03, 2007

Many Kisses and A Punch to Grow a Bunch

It's that auspicious day again. My youngest two are having a birthday. He's twenty-two and she's twenty-four. All growed up! This is several years now that they haven't been together on their birthdays. He was away at University for four years and she's been out west for a year.

We are expecting a snowstorm and it's not the first time there has been a storm on their birthdays. For both births the weather was fine which is good. You always worry about that with a baby due in the winter. My sis in law was born after the snowplow plowed the road to get her to the hospital. That would be a tad scary, I'd say.

I've just checked the forecast and the heavy snowfall warning has ended. Now it is snow turning to rain and, the staple of Island weather, heavy wind. My friend canceled a hike today and I may be canceling tomorrow's though we usually hike in the rain, last week being a good example. We'll see.

I upload to my Shutterchance Blog a week at a time. I uploaded this photo of birds and when I went to enter the date, realized it was the kid's birthday. A look at the photo made me think of the three kids with one to the side and one right on top of the other. It was a coincidence but turned out to be quite perfect symbolism. There are other birds around too - family and friends to soar along with them.

What will I give my kids for birthday music? Many Kisses. A couple versions of Besame Mucho that are part of the essential music are appropriate. Here is a version by Omara Portuondo that is very romantic and one by Trio Los Panchos that with my eyes closes, can make me feel like I'm in Mexico. I love both these versions and play them quite a bit.

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