Saturday, December 22, 2007

Home Again

The photo is of a church in downtown Moncton the night of the storm. It was a cold and stormy night. My friend and room mate of thirty-three years ago and I walked in it for a couple of hours and almost marathon walked the next day. We both loved the exhilaration and accompanying endorphens. Also, it was wonderful catching up.

I also had fun at my home town. I won a ham playing TV bingo with my Dad's better half and her three daughters. I used the ham for a family dinner at my niece's house the next night. That was really fun. She has little kids so there's built in entertainment.

Since coming home I've had to deal first with a fried ethernet card, a driveway of pure ice, and an impending flood because of a very warm and rainy weather forecast. My brother in law helped me out with the first problem. I am heavily addicted to the net and was in withdrawal for twenty-four hours. I've got help in resolving those withdrawal symptoms by shoveling. There's been no end to it. Enough of that!

I've not played any Christmas music this season. Here's Julia Lee and her Boyfriends with Christmas Blues and David Francey with We Three Kings. That has always been my favorite Christmas song but it's not that popular. It was lovely to find a version by one of my favorite singers.

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