Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Frozen Footprints

I just went for a walk and found all these footprints frozen in a pond. I am assuming they are coyote tracks but they could be duck tracks too. They were pretty cool no matter whose they are. The sun shone all day yet I was only able to get out for a walk, not a hike. Tomorrow is blowing snow again so that won't work for hiking. Maybe the next day. Maybe the dancercising is going to come early this winter.

I got photos of my grandchildren in a Christmas card yesterday. I can't believe how cute they are. I want to see them so badly. The little boy told me on Sunday that he was coming to my house in the spring. I think he'll be coming in the summer but I'd better check with his dad - you never know.

I am making lots of cd's at this time of year to go into Christmas packages. It's very time consuming as I want them to flow just right. The one I'm working on this afternoon is a jazz cd for my aunt and uncle. I've included a couple of songs by Bernadette Seacrest and Her Yes Men that I know they'll like. I know I do. Here's Money and Sweet Salvation. I've had trouble the last few days uploading songs. I'll give it another try and if it is not successful, I'll try again later.


Anonymous said...

for the past few weeks K wakes up every morning and says 'is today my birthday?', so I wouldn't read too much into Spring vs Summer :)

Speaking of tracks, you should see our back-yard. There must be over a hundred rabbits living on our property. I have never seen anything like it, with all the tracks there. There might not be a square foot without tracks somewhere.

BTW, next time we talk - ask me to tell you how S got the kids to smile in the picture :)

Did you like Ks school photo? S got the magnets made, because of your fridge.


Cuidado said...

I love, K's school picture so much! I took it out to the busy neighbours yesterday to show it around. Look at the Shutterchance Blog on Sunday and Monday for more (and better) ice and track photos.

I assumed he meant summer. Couldn't even imagine bringing the kids for mud season. LOL

O is coming home Monday. Im picking her up in Moncton.