Friday, December 07, 2007

Feelings This Friday

Spent the afternoon supporting an immigrant friend who was being interviewed by CBC TV to discuss an unfortunate incident that she was involved in. It's very hard when someone comes from another continent and is not familiar with our laws. They expect the same laws, standards and protections as they had in their former country. They researched everything in the three extended trips they had here before immigrating even coming for several months in the winter to be sure it was the right move. The world is not the same everywhere. I can't talk of the incident as I don't know where libel laws start and stop. Better to be safe than really sorry.

The main problem too, is that as soon as the couple moved here the husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer and has passed away. The woman knows very few people and since she's been here has only been involved with hospitals and doctors and extreme grief sickness. She certainly needs support and a small circle of us are doing what we can.

I bought a catnip pillow for my grandson's cat last week. I had to run to the bathroom when I got home that day and threw the bag on the floor. When I came out the cats had torn apart the bag it was in, the tissue paper it was wrapped in and the little plastic bag it was packaged in. Since they loved it so much, I went back today and got several for cat lovers on my list. One hundred percent of the money raised by the pillows and some really cool handmade cards goes to feed and care for homeless cats. Needless to say, I've put the bag in the fridge for the time being.

Music today? Thinking of all that is happening with my friend, Tragedy by Brandi Carlile seems like a good choice. Bob Dylan's I Pity the Poor Immigrant is appropriate too. Bob has a song for every situation, you know.

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