Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Not Weather For Gardenias

Just came in from shoveling. The cats are still out there and it's almost dark. I have to keep checking. In the winter of '99 -'00, it snowed almost every day. It was the largest yearly snowfall in a long time. That much snow can create problems. My trash cans are surrounded already and the bottom snow is ice; impossible to shovel. Thankfully they are not full and can wait till the next pick up.

Come on, Kitties. They're in though not happy about it.

A couple of weeks ago this website was featured on Blogger's Blogs of Note. The Daily Coyote is photos and the story of a rescued coyote who lives with the author and her cat in a one-room log cabin in Wyoming. I find it fascinating and the photography is fabulous. The time line is six months past but that's ok. Not everything has to be live and now.

For music, more from the essentials list. Dos Gardenias is my favorite song from Buena Vista Social Club's first groundbreaking album, Buena Vista Social Club. I'm not fluent in Spanish but can get by after a few days of immersion. I can usually figure out the written word even easier.

This song I loved so much, but just couldn't figure out. It didn't make sense. These were the days before I knew about Babelfish. Turned out I had it figured out correctly. A few years later, in Mexico, I asked a friend for a translation and the jist is this: A man gives his lover two gardenias. If they die it means she is cheating on him and does not love him. Of course, being flowers, they did what flowers do, and died.

Ok, so what I love about this song is not the story but the melody. I listen to both versions a lot because they are the kind of slow Latin ballads that I love so much. I love the Rita Maria Mariano version for the music and the Buena Vista Social Club version for the vocals. Both are excellent and I'm happy to put them up again.

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LADY KATYA said...

the Spanish song dos Gardenia is in referent that tow gardenias given to you lover mean true love but if dos gardenias wilder before the sun is down that mean the lover betray you