Tuesday, December 18, 2007

She Has Arrived!!!

I am still in Moncton. My daughter arrived on a standby flight after midnight last night after being stuck in Toronto on the night of the storm. She was among thousands stuck in various airports across Canada after storms pretty well paralyzed the country. Several times they told her that she would not be able to get a flight till Sunday to either Moncton, Halifax, or Charlottetown. She had not packed extra clothing in her carry on so I can't even imagine her in the same clothes for one week.

Her luggage did not arrive with her so we can't go to our next destination without that. She hand washed her clothing last night but that won't do forever. I am really glad to see her and hope the rest of her visit is uneventful and full of all good things.

I have no music or photos to give you but here is today's photo on the Shutterchance blog.


Anonymous said...

Is O still stinky?

Anonymous said...

She always was a little stinker.

Ocean said...

haha, I am a little stinky.

Anonymous said...

Hey - that's my (stinky) sister you're talking about!