Friday, November 01, 2013

The first of November isn't too late for a fall update I hope.  The above shot was taken this week so you can see that the leaves are mostly gone from the trees. With a huge wind occurring when they were at their peak, the leaves came and were gone very quickly this year. Before the wind the weather was just perfect for getting out with my camera on several occasions. I did not get to spend my usual amount of time in the woods however. My orthopedic surgeon says I just have to call and say uncle and I am put on the urgent list for a hip replacement. I am not in a huge hurry yet but my hiking has been strictly curtailed. Here are a few shots from one outing.

 I had visitors for a couple of weeks and I really enjoyed that. An old friend and roommate came from Ontario for a week.  We had several outings to the beach but one in particular was on a windy cold day. Couldn't help but make you think of what was ahead. Her trip overlapped for about twenty minutes with my daughter and her two children.  It was great because my friend had never met the children. That next week was very busy and I was exhausted at the end of it but what a great week I had! The children are ages just over one and three in January and are just as they should be - perfect to a grandma.

The kittens are almost six months old now and were spayed this week.  Ruby, pictured below, aspirated a bit during her surgery so I have to keep listening to her breathing.  I hope she doesn't get pneumonia and she has had prophylactic antibiotics in that aim. 

I am enjoying the kittens very much but at the same time experiencing the end of my time with Bella.  In the summer she was not long for this world but seemed to rebound after the kittens came along.  She is still doing ok but you can tell she is not well.  She has the same symptoms that Kenz did.  She was on medication for a long time and it did not change her symptoms or length of life.  I suggested my kids say goodbye to Bella over a month ago but she is still here. I know that soon I will have to say my final goodbye.   

To me, cats of fifteen years are not as healthy as they used to be on a commercial food diet. Mama Kitty who is buried here was twenty three when she died and still looked good; better than Kenz and Bella. I don't think the cat foods are very healthy any more and may start feeding more of my own food to the cats. 

I have the usual changes; families keep growing and moving around.  I had a great niece born today,  and my son and his family are moving to the Seattle area. I am going to be babysitting my almost three year old granddaughter and who knows, maybe take a little trip before that. Busy, busy, busy.  

Art and work go on and on.  I love my work and my cre8ive time.  I am painting a desk for my younger grandchildren.  They can't read blogs yet so it is safe to write it here. I am trying to finish it before the kids arrive here to be babysat as their parents were to be returning with an empty vehicle so I have highjacked it for the desk.  I had no idea how I was going to get it to them so am now on a deadline after my great realization.  I am nearly finished the long side which has their names on it in crossword  form. Lots and lots to do yet. I love my work too so am having a happy time.  What can be better than kittens, grandchildren, feeling super cre8ive, and work that makes you happy to go to? I came up with a perfect answer immediately.  The answer is more work.  I need additional hours of paid work for life to be better. Other than that, I am privileged to be here and healthy.  Here's to feeling satisfied....!!!

Hope all is well with all who are reading.  Drop a comment and let me know.