Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I Play Myself

I didn't realize I had passed the milestone of 500 posts on this blog. This is 504. It would have been the same time as my one year on Shutterchance last week. Blogger has been experiencing problems in the photo upload department for the last couple of weeks. It seems I can't upload one now. There is a scheduled outage tonight and perhaps it will be fixed. Until then I'll try again, hopefully not in vain.

While on our hike today, we encountered a few trees down from the wind on the weekend. Nothing we couldn't get by or over. It was a really beautiful morning for walking. Even though the walk is 5.4 km it is only 8000 steps with the pedometer I'm using. I had understood 10,000 steps was 5 km. I'm not sure how to determine whether I should change the stride length. I would assume I have a medium stride and that's what it's set for. What other reason would 5.4 km. equal only 8000 steps? No matter how many steps, the hills we climb are a great workout.

I haven't given a lot of thought to the music today. I've written nothing about movies but that's the theme for the music today. Here art the Great Lake Swimmers with Moving Pictures Silent Film and Tim Seely with On Film I Play Myself from his album Funeral Music.

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