Friday, November 02, 2007

A November Hurricane

Hurricane Noel is heading to the east coast. Cape Breton, the western part of Nova Scotia that we see from our eastern shores is getting the brunt but we have just a narrow strait between us so we are going to get hit with a wallop. I was out stripping the deck this afternoon. There are hundreds of rocks on the deck and they can make pretty deadly missiles when the winds are over 100 km per hour. That is what is predicted. I would say we will lose our electricity so I must remember to unplug the electronics. I find we often get some vicious storms in November though not usually hurricanes.

I took my elderly friend to see the rescued horses today. He loves horses and these ones are beauts so it was time he saw them. I also took him up and down the hills that I walk in an attempt to show him why I go there. It is kind of an issue with him. He can't imagine why I drive 50 km in a round trip to walk in the woods when there are perfectly good woods around here. My sister-in-law stirs it all up with him. She said to him one day, "I've just come from the woods with Cuidado. I wanted to show her that she doesn't have to drive to find woods. We have perfectly good ones around here." Ha Ha Ha. He was then convinced he was right and that I should stay here so has been bugging me about it. Now after the drive today he is ok. He couldn't believe we had hills that steep on PEI. It's all so funny to sis-in-law and I. She actually has been out to those woods with me but she loves to have a good time so is getting it through lighting that fire under my old friend.

He had quite a laugh when I told him about the sinkhole incident yesterday. He is a relative of the woman who got sucked into the mud so could picture it all quite well.

Today for music is the very nice instrumental, I've Always Loved the Fall by the band, Lost In the Trees. I love the cello in the beginning. I say let's bring this weather on. Here's Hurricane by Alicia Wiley. Ha! An Alicia two days in a row.

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