Thursday, November 15, 2007

All The Way to Cardigan To Get a Little Seed

Picked up my car last night. Though I was $175.02 poorer, I had a wonderful outing today. I had errands and needed bird seed and picked up a friend who needed some too. Off to the feed store in Cardigan. This little village has a river running through it and a small marina. It was famous when I moved out to the country for being the closest liquor store. The local Cardigan area band - guys my age and friends of mine, wrote a well known PEI song called All the Way to Cardigan to Get a Case of Beer. Everyone of a certain age and their kids, who are all friends too, know this song on PEI. The photo above is from the marina. It's of the only boat not put away. Got some nice photos which will be around on the other blogs - see side bar.

We are to have one more warm 15 degree day then a cold front is coming to visit and will likely stay. I'm getting out to walk as much as possible in the next day. You can always join me on a walk. Just come to the new blog, An Island Walk. Just in case no one knows about that. Oops, read back and see I have shameless self promotion on both paragraphs. What's a girl to do?

I'd love to have a copy of the Rubber Boot Band and All the Way to Cardigan and I'll actually try to find out if anyone has one. But for now, I don't. I do have the shortest song in my music files uploaded today. That song is Dirty Old Town by Ewan MacColl. Also today, Run Myself Out of Town by the Holmes Brothers. All in honour of tomorrow being a town day.

Just realized I didn't say that my seed was not available. Every kind was present except for black oil which I use exclusively. My friend was able to get hers. Supposedly it is available but at an extremely high price of $30. per large bag. It's usually $15. The feed store is not going to order it at that high price. Time to go.

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