Saturday, November 17, 2007


I've been watching blackbirds gathering like this all week. I've been watching them for a month but this week they are tending to their migration in a much more serious way. They've been hanging out in the pastures behind my house all week. The largest meeting I've ever seen had gathered one day this week but I haven't seen one that big again. I know where there are other big groupings in the neighbourhood and I'd say there will be only a couple more practice runs and they will be gone.

I had a nice day in town yesterday but didn't get all my errands finished so have to go in again sometime next week. I don't really like going into town so often so that's kind of a pain. And with gas prices so high......

Music: I started this blog early and am getting back to it late - busy, busy - so have not thought about music. My son will be here in an hour for supper. Yikes! I'm just going to close my eyes and grab the first thing I come to. I've never done that here before. Ok, I got Michelle Shocked doing a live song, The Quality of Mercy, and Eryka Badu with Back In the Day. That was fun but I like choosing the songs more carefully. My son is here asking me if he can turn the oven on. He's hungry and I'm rushed. Someone talk to that boy, please.


Ekim said...

That is a cloud of birds. How far is it to town?

Cuidado said...

Twenty-five minutes - quite perfect.