Friday, November 09, 2007


Well, I have a tale to tell. I was lost in the woods yesterday with a friend. We were on her land so she knew that we would come out eventually somewhere recognizable but it was scary. My friend has a serious heart condition and she was very, very tired - extremely tired. I was never so glad to come out of the woods. We had walked through swamps so our feet were soaked and I thought that pretty soon she wouldn't be able to go any further. We did get to see her beaver pond of which a beaver run is pictured above.

This is the same friend who went into quicksand last week. She always has adventures like that she says. Hard for someone like me who does not like unplanned events to take place to that extreme. Lost in the woods!

I had planned a walk to the beach today but needed a day at home. I have a beef stew cooking and it smells wonderful. I was invited to a dinner and an overnight at a friend's but have bowed out gracefully. Don't feel like having a tired day tomorrow. I want to take that walk to the beach. It is forecast that Sunday is bringing another severe storm.

A song I really like and have already put up is Walk Around the Lake by the band Lost In the Trees. Out of the Woods by Sinead Lohan is a song already have in the music pages as well. They both have appropriate titles for today's post. For new ones today it's Martha Wainwright with Whither Must I Wander and good old Tom Waits with A Sight For Sore Eyes from his 2001 album, Used Songs 1973 - 1990. Tom always has an appropriate song.

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