Monday, November 05, 2007


I had an appointment in town today and forgot my camera at home so didn't get any storm photos. There were trees down here and there but not as many as after Hurricane Juan. There was part of a roof and part of a wall blown off a barn that looked as though they were ready to blow off anyway. One poplar about 6 -7 inches in diameter broke here on my property and there are a few small branches about but that's it. Came through fine.

We lost our power during the night and it remained out till ten after one in the afternoon. I went to work then. Luckily I have a propane campstove so could boil water for coffee and sponge bathing. I learned during Hurricane Juan to have a day's coffee already ground and stored in the freezer. It's very frustrating to be able to make coffee and have nothing but unground beans.

Tomorrow is hiking day and I'm quite anxious to get out. The weather is to be cooler this week so it's wonderful for fast walking. The photo above is the one I had taken just before my friend fell into the sinkhole. I had passed by the spot where she got sucked in before she came down so am very lucky it didn't happen to me. I might have cried rather than laugh like she did. She has property with beaver ponds so I'm going to walk her property with her later in the week.

I haven't put up any Gotan Project for a while. Here's Una Musica Brutal from the album La Revancha Del Tango and from the album Lunatico, here's Amor Porteno which also features Calexico, another band I love. Every playlist should have one of Gotan Project's songs.


Ocean said...

hey, i tried to call you yesterday. call me tonight on my 978 number or T's phone which is 403-604-9221
love ya

Cuidado said...

I will call you.