Saturday, November 03, 2007

Tropical Storm Watch

We are on tropical storm watch as we have been downgrades from a hurricane. Parts of the Maritimes will be getting winds of 150 km per hour. Those are some pretty fierce winds. My deck is naked and looks so strange. My sis-in-law helped me move the trays of rocks off to the barn and my son is here now to help me with the rest. The barbecue is next. I usually only clear the deck at the first sign of snow so it's a bit early to be staring at a bare deck.

I have a staff meeting in a while and don't know how long it will last so am posting early. When I come back, I'll be cooking supper for the boy and I. He likes his mama's cooking.

I don't know how many versions of Stormy Weather I have. It's an old American standard that I really like. I can not believe there are none up thus far but I'll remedy that. Here's a girl version and a boy version. Dinah Washington or Willie Nelson. I believe Leon Russell is playing piano in Willie's version.Which one do you like? If neither appeal to you I have many more.
I just discovered I have uploaded both of these versions to Page One. I must investigate if they are still reachable through the page.

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