Saturday, October 27, 2007

Horsing Around

My son just left in a quandry. He is going to a Halloween party and has no costume. He's been to the stores, his friend got something but he just couldn't find anything. I gave him one suggestion and the props to go with it but that didn't satisfy him so they've just had supper and are off to try to figure something out.

My daughter in Calgary is going to a party too and was out buying costumes last night. I didn't talk to her after she got one. Maybe when I'm finished here I'll give her a call its just the afternoon there.

I had a friend over for the afternoon. We did some gardening things - dividing plants, planting this year's spent mums and things like that. I have a lot more to do yet.

I've been listening to the Lonely Days playlist every time I'm on the computer since I made it the other day. I keep playing one song at least twice per session.. It is such a truthful, brave song for the writer to write. I love it. I like emotional ballads, you've probably figured out by now. Here's Colin Hay with I Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You. Amazing song! How long has it been since I played a Bob Dylan song? Too long. Here's one of the best - I'll Be Your Baby Tonight. Ha. I just looked. I last put up a Dylan song on the 16th.


Anonymous said...

What did O + J end up dressing up as for Halloween? I have had a budy two weeks, in Seattle two weeks ago and SF last week (nice town BTW). It is nice to be home..


Cuidado said...

I knew you were traveling so didn't call on the weekend so you could catch up with your family.