Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Back Again Later

Just returned from supper where I had trout caught in this lake this morning. I actually saw my friend fishing there when I drove by. Oh, oh. Maybe I'll have to put the photo up later. Blogger is having a problem and they're working on it.

I found out that the man I took my elderly friend to see last week is in a nursing home. That is why he was not at home when we went to his house. We visited him at his new residence today and had a great visit. I had errands to run deep in the country, wanted to stop at a site for some photos and generally, we had a wonderful day driving through the gorgeous autumn landscape. Tis good for the soul, this kind of weather. Then I had a dinner where I was not the cook. Fabulous!

Just tried the photo again - no go. There is a scheduled outage about an hour from now. Probably after that.....

Music: Calexico always amazes me. Most bands have a sound. Calexico has two. They have their folky side and their Latin side and they're hardly related. They amaze, I say. Here's Deep Down from their folky side and Guero Canelo from their Latin side. I add their latin sounds to dance cd's that I make. Good dance rhythms.

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