Thursday, October 11, 2007

Like A Fish Out of Water

We've had a fabulous day today. The two frosts of the last week have nudged the leaves into responding with gorgeous colour. I was out and about and driving through the countryside was pure pleasure. It's heaven here in spring, summer and the fall. Hell in winter although there are some good days even then.

I hurt my ankle by stretching it in bed this morning. I have it diagnosed from the internet and will also find there, I hope, the proper exercises to heal it. It doesn't really hurt to walk, thank goodness, as I have to work the next three days. This aging disease or condition is no fun whatsoever!!!! I do all I can to stay in good condition, specifically walking, hiking or dancing and my ankle has to pop in bed while I'm stretching. My feet are my sole providers of exercise.

My kids may be impressed with one of my musical selections today. Can I Kick it Like That by Pharrell vs A Tribe Called Quest is more their style than mine but hey, I actually had it up already in February and it's been removed. It's good on dance mixes but mostly asks a question that today I'd have to answer no. I'll do no kicking. Jay Gilday has something softer with Only Way To Raise It Up. Again that would be a no.


Ocean said...

Mom, you know more music than I do!!

Cuidado said...

I would hope so, Darling. When you're my age you will know more, and I'm not just talking about music.