Friday, February 23, 2007

Bad Squirrel

About fifteen minutes ago there was a squirrel in my basement. It could still be there. I'm going to lock the cats down there directly after posting and hope to know soon after that. I have no idea how it got into my basement. They chew holes in facia boards and places like that to gain entry, I know from my workplace. I opened the outside basement door to entice it out by itself. Bella was in the basement with the dirty, ugly, birdseed stealing, rodent, at the time. The squirrel was being very noisy but it's all quiet now.

It is finally above zero and it is to remain so over the weekend. Hurrah for walking weather. I walked to the beach today but did it at a reasonable pace for a change. It was wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

Joni Mitchell's, A Case of You, is one of my favorite songs. Today I have it here by four Canadian ladies. Diana Krall's version was already up so here's the link for that. New up today are versions by kd lang, Alison Crowe and of course, Joni herself. Would you believe I just deleted Alison's version by mistake and am now uploading it again. I have too many things going on at once but that's usually the way. May be time for a reboot.


jennyr said...

i like squirrels! if only they don't run away when I chase them, LoL! they do look really soft...good choice!

Anonymous said...

K has a pet squirrel that he has named Porky. He steals all the birdseed up here too! Squirrels in Ontario are the size of raccoons though. K didn't even recognize your picture as being a squirrel.