Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sedately Sunday

My cats are well trained to not go after birds. They've taken it apon themselves to keep squirrels in the same category and don't chase them either. A pity! Squirrels eat incredible amounts of seed and will chew wooden feeders to make larger holes. I got several photos today of Bella and the squirrel.

The weather has moderated for just today. It is expected to be cold again tomorrow. I took advantage of the mild weather and went for a long fast walk. Exhilarating! The robins are back in full force. I've seen several here and many on my walk today. Spring is in the air is what they say to me.

It's hard to believe there's so much good music encircling this world and that more and more is made every second. The small amount that I get to listen to is just a tiny bit in the overall amount produced. A pity! I love surrounding myself with music and love to share it so for today, just a couple of good songs. They aren't for any theme or thought...just good songs by great artists that I hope will make you feel good. One is a live version of Imagine by John Lennon. He's no longer with us but his music continues to go round and round. Neil Young is also here with a live version of Helpless.

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