Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I've been watching the crows this afternoon. They're puffed up against the cold and are enjoying the fallen apples under the trees out my window. I have my share here but in Charlottetown they are everywhere. I was able to get some pretty cool photos of them during my walks there. I saw an eagle coming up from Orwell Bay on Monday and I saw a large hawk (one of the hovering types) over a field today.

My property has always been a birdwatcher's delight. I have a pond with fish, a forest, farmer's fields, wild fields, lots of fruit trees, large coniferous and deciduous trees, and small bushes so I get all types that prefer specific habitats. I have all those habitats. I even, some winters, get salt water ducks like cormorants, goldeneye and mergansers. Not yet this year though. Right now I have about a dozen blacks and mallards and the heron.

My camera is a bottom of the line Canon with not much telephoto ability so I rarely get good photos of birds. I've been trying with the digital zoom in addition to the optical and have a problem with camera shake/bluriness. Oh well, I visit some fabulous photography sites that specialize in birds on a regular basis and that will have to do.

Music: Joni's Black Crow by Diana Krall and Joni's Blue by Sarah McLachlan. Joni Mitchell was inducted into the Cdn. Songwriters Hall of Fame this week. I love her songs and I'd say the two Canadian women singing her songs here would probably say they've been influenced by her. Here's a link from the music page of Joni's version of Blue. I'm doing the work today.


Brikwall said...

You're better off not using digital zoom. It works, essentially, by cropping the photo and then enlarging the remaining pixels to fill the frame. You can get a similar effect by looking at a photo in your favourite image viewer/editor and blowing it up to about 400%. Grainy, chunky, not very pretty.

Personally, I don't even know why the camera manufacturers bother with it. I guess it is a bit of a selling/marketing point, even if it really isn't any good to begin with. And, it also gives bragging rights to the person whose camera has the largest digital zoom factor. Otherwise, it really ain't worth a pinch of shit...

Anonymous said...

...and we once had a seal, and you were on TC! :)


Cuidado said...

Yeah, I agree about the digital zoom. It works ok if there is no shake but that doesn't happen often.

Yes, A, the seal was pretty neat wasn't it?