Saturday, January 27, 2007

Safety First

I am so glad I didn't venture to town last night. The weather was atrocious. There was not a lot of accumulation but the wind was really blowing so we had a blizzard with zero visibility. The wind is still gusting quite strongly but is not sustained like it was last night. The windows were rattling, the house was shaking. It was terrible. I went for a short drive early in the evening before it was too bad and that helped my resolve to stay home. I'm bored but not dead.

One more day of soft food. I keep dreaming of what I'll have tomorrow. I have about ten things picked out and am leaning toward a hot curry or maybe roast chicken or maybe meatloaf and baked potatoes....I just know it will be good to chew something.

Music: Something lively to bring some heat to this freezing cold day is Soul Drummers by Ray Barretto. An old one to get me moving is Tighten Up with Archie Bell and the Drells. My ex husband was in a band called Freddy Bell and KeArboSo and they used to do this one.

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