Friday, January 26, 2007


This is the first year a heron has visited the pond all winter. I don't know if they sometimes overwinter here but have never seen one here at my pond at this time of year. I never get a photo because I don't see it until I open the door and it flies off.

I'm missing a women's festival wrap up tonight because of impending weather. We're supposed to get 5 to 10 cm. and it's blowing snow. No thanks for driving back home in that. Too bad though because we always have a marvelous time together.

Music is for that group of women tonight. Ragged Company by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals and Arenita Azul by the always wonderful Lila Downs. The last one is for the dancing we like to do when we're together.

My playlists eventually came back on Windows Media player but only after restarting. It's an all new interface and a pain. I wish I'd realized that was going to happen. I wouldn't have changed to the new version.

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Christine said...

I hated it too at first. But it wasn't too long before I got used to it. Now I love the new interface!