Thursday, March 01, 2007


My medical appointment was cancelled today because of the huge number of hospital staff out with the flu. I had been invited to dinner at a friend's tonight. It too was cancelled because of the flu. A Saturday evening dinner party has been cancelled as well........because of the flu. I've been knocking wood and taking my immune boosters like clockwork.

I had to go to town anyway even though my medical appt. was cancelled. I had other things to do. It was a fun kind of day where I had time to do what I wanted. I did plan to attend an art exhibit opening this evening but have come home because it is snowing. It is also probably best to stay away from public events anyway, when trying to avoid the flu bug. There would have been lots of hugs and close contact at this event so I think I made a smart decision. Trading hugs for health.

I've got some old and some newer music to share. What brings this up on the same day are the titles. You all know Billy Paul's Me and Mrs Jones. It happens to be the first song I ever downloaded from Napster that many years ago. I have a great love for this song because of a duet sung for me by my best friend and boyfriend for my birthday in 1973. The newer music is from Amy Winehouse's album Back to Black. Me and Mr Jones is from Amy.


jesse said...

Thanks for going to town if it was for me. I missed you call as I was at work. I work again 6-12 friday night, so maybe I will talk to you on saturday.

Cuidado said...

I'll call you just after noon.