Tuesday, March 06, 2007

What's Good For the Soul

No Squirrels!

Took a friend to the hospital today for a medical procedure that required anaesthetic thus she couldn't drive. Her appointment was 12:30 and she got in around 3:00. I'm up on current events now thanks to Time, MacLeans, Reader's Digest and Chatelaine. Usually waiting rooms have very old magazines but this waiting room had current ones. Waiting rooms are the only time I read magazines. I don't think I've bought one since I was a pre-teen though for years I had a subscription to National Geographic.

Books are another story but I won't get started on that other than it is absolutely impossible for me to fall asleep unless I read. I remember camping a few years ago and I'd forgotten to bring a flashlight or lantern. I laid there all night, then had to drive all the next day, then laid there all night the next night. I was completely wrecked....all because I couldn't read.

We are having very cold temperatures and wind for the next few days then moderating, above freezing temperatures for the weekend.

Music will be links again. With all that I've been reading on the music blogs, the music page may have to go. It is a wait and see situation. I don't have much new music, only old nostalgic songs, so it may not be as important to the forces that be. You Don't Know Me by Ray and Diana ( I can shorten it because I've introduced it properly before) and Maria Lando by Susana Baca - for your soul (or mine, anyway).

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