Sunday, March 04, 2007

Taking Requests

This is the first time I've had a request for a photo. I was just talking to my daughter and she wanted a photo of her put up rather than the one of the cats I had planned. He boyfriend asked for one of him as well, so here is one of the two of them....the only one I have. Cute aren't they! He has the flu and she's taking care of him today and having her cousin over for a roast beef dinner. I'm having roast beef too.

Not a nice walking day today and I did't dance....a day off exercise. It's warm but very windy. The eclipse was fantastic last night but I don't have an adequate lens for good photos of the moon and especially with the low light of an eclipse.

I thought my squirrel problem was over but it is not. There is still one in here. I have to call my wildlife man again tomorrow. No business is taken care of around here on a Sunday with the older generation. I'm ok with it; last Sunday I went to see about a glass job. Farmers would never hay or dig or do any visible work like that on a Sunday. The thing is they probably do book work or repairs but nothing that the public could see. I was admonished one time for painting a step on a Sunday.

It seems as though I can't really change the music page yet. I would need two accounts and have to sign in and out between the two and find that to be a pain because I do it with Google for this account and another. Five hundred songs is rather bulky and I wanted a second page where everything would be quicker. It takes a long time to find songs when I want to link them because they can't be sorted in there and a long time in the day to day uploading and saving since it has 500 songs to go through in a save. Each song must be uploaded individually then saved individually.

Today there was a new notice about uploading copyrighted material so it's possible changes will be made eventually. Until then I'll keep adding music though I'd like to find another way. Also, I may just link existing music rather than add something new every today. Here's some Sunday music. Depending on how you were feeling this morning, you could have been involved in either activity, Church or Coming Down.


Ocean said...

I seem to think we are pretty cute.

Kat said...

The world works around here on Sunday and grouses if a store isn't open. I wish there could be a middle ground between your Sunday and mine.

Cuidado said...

The Christmas season allows stores to open and certain stores can open any time so there is a middle ground some of the time.