Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sat ur day

Every time I walk to the beach I see this screw hook imbedded in the pavement. Yesterday I took a photo of it. Such excitement in my life! It was colder today with a north wind so I didn't walk. I guess I'm wimpy though because the favorite ex walked down here for a visit. She said it was nippy.

This photo of Clarke is very popular at Shutterchance today. It's at the top of the Movers and Shaker's list. Last Saturday a photo of Kenz was also very popular. I think I'll be sure to put photos of cats up on Saturdays.

I am having a yawn fest at the moment but 4:46 is too late for a nap. I'll soon go prepare supper and hopefully that will wake me up.

Music: Something a little different today - French Hip Hop. This song is called La Tribu de Dana and is from Manau. It has the standard hiphop beat thus it may be something my kids like but has an orchestra which is different than the standard. A song from Gotan Project is something I like. Confianzas is definitely worth a listen. I sure do love this band.

***Update: I was quite taken by the Manua song and looked up the band on Wikipedia. This is a paragraph about the song uploaded today. "The band set to work on their new single, La Tribu de Dana and it was released in May 1998. The song rocketed to the top of the charts, selling a huge 1.7 million copies[citation needed] to date, 1.5 million of them in the first few months after its release. "La tribu de Dana" means "the tribe of Dana," and is the name of an Irish tribe described in L'épopée Celte." The rest of the article is here.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mom,
Just checking in from the D.R. Travel day yesterday was good. We all were up at 3AM to get to the airport, but all (all) asleep by 8:30 for the night.

The resort is great, our family- room is perfect, and everything so far so good. Just like PEI, S. will need a couple nights to get her sleeping lined up.


Cuidado said...

Glad to hear it. The nice warm weather will be a hit with everyone and the sun and pool will tire her out each day. Sleep tight.