Monday, March 19, 2007

A River of Hormones

Red Water Because of the Wind and the Weekend's Rain

Something truly amazing is the range of, and really the whole story of, the hormonal changes a woman passes through from puberty through menopause. In every fourteen day period (but in truth every twenty-four hour period) a huge change happens and every twenty-eight days a complete cycle of these constantly changing chemicals occurs. Add pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, lactation, and menopause and it is awe-inspiring.

It doesn't occur in men and that explains the main difference in the sexes, why women are considered emotional and men not so. Nobody can tell you about these changes, really. They can't because every woman's cycle and her body's reaction to it is so individual. You just have to experience it all. Fun, fun, fun!!!

The weather is warm and sunny but very, very windy. I went for a walk around the pond with my camera in the morning then for my regular after lunch walk but the north wind was fierce. Even though this time I had the proper hat for the conditions, I think my face got resurfaced . You must always find that positive aspect.

I haven't had any Bob Dylan up in a while. A long, live version of Watching the River Flow is worth a listen, as is the under three minute, Wind Blows on the Water. Find these on Page Two. Pure Bob!

Update: After I said there hasn't been any Bob Dylan up in a while, I uploaded and found that the last two songs were Bob Dylan songs. A couple of links too....Johnny Cash with Four Strong Winds and another from Bob, Blowin' In The Wind.


Anonymous said...

Did you have a hard time getting around the pond? Did you do a complete circle? K and I tried this summer, but the trees were too thick right around the waterfall (!) area

Cuidado said...

No, I didn't as it is nearly impossible for the reasons you stated. It sure has grown up fast. I still love wandering around there though and often cross at the other end if I'm snowshoeing.

Ocean said...

I was with A and K on that walk around the pond and I am pretty sure we made it the whole way.