Friday, March 02, 2007

Marching On

Four different friends have dropped in today. Must be a sign of a long winter. The last two were raving about the smells when they came in. I'm making black bean soup and ofered up bowls but they had plans for supper and didn't partake. I have my bowl cooling now.

Little yappy dog was inside today at walk time today, much to my delight. I've walked five of the last seven days on the regular walk and the two days I did not do that route, I still walked. It is wonderful that the weather moderated. We are on storm watch however, with the big storm that has already hit Ontario and Quebec, on it's way here.

Music: Today we have some songs from a long time ago. Riley Puckett does Nobody's Business which is a great song for the times and for now. I think some of these old lyrics are very precious in their understanding of the times. Sometimes, a bit of propaganda sneaks in. They're always worth a careful listen. When I Die by the Watson Family is another old gem that has good harmonies and a message.

Just realized it would be my 33rd wedding aniversary today. Time does march on. Well, off to that soup.

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