Thursday, March 29, 2007

Mourning in March

My Dad as a Teenager

Reality takes another bite. I spent the morning on the phone with a friend of thirty years. Her Dad died yesterday. He had cancer and was getting sicker but they had no idea that his death was iminent. She visited him at his home on Sunday. He was in hospital less than twenty four hours. Her dad was the same age as mine and a retired RCMP officer. Another funeral for me this week and I honestly don't know if I can take that again so soon.

We didn't get a lot of snow in our storm but what we got was blown around by very fierce winds. It is still very windy today which I'm sure has caused bad road conditions with the drifting snow. Schools were closed for the day and some businesses. A day off walking and dancing. Since I spent the morning on the phone, I had other stuff to do.

Music for my friend's Dad to help him pass through or to comfort my friend is provided by Van Morrison and Bob Dylan, the most spiritual of songwriters. Across the Bridge Where Angels Dwell is from Van's album, Beautiful Vision. Knocking on Heaven's Door has Van and Bob singing live at an unnamed concert. Here's a link to Whenever God Shines his Light.

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