Friday, March 23, 2007

Spring Has Sprung!!!

This was yesterday on the pond. Today the ice is but gone....just about a foot clinging to the shore. It is six degrees, sunny and spring has come to PEI! It was so beautiful that I took two walks today instead of one, ninety minutes in all. A wonderful, wonderful day.

My son just called from university. Mumps are going around the school and he has been exposed. I just called him back after talking to public health and he and his roommate are on their walk to the health center. He'll let me know if he has to be re-immunized or have a globulin product or what the procedure is.

My other son and his family are off to the Dominican Republic for a family vacation. Lucky dogs! My three year old grandson is remembering last year's southern vacation and mostly wants to play in the sand. That was the definite highlight for him.

Last night was really fun, the food was good, all the world's problems are solved but I'm tired. I had another weird sleep making three this week. I need to get back to the proper schedule!!!

Music to celebrate spring is in order today. Spring by Richard Shindell is Celtic/flolk and very nice. Another Spring is by The Waif's label-mate, John Butler Trio.

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M said...

Oh my goodness... still browsing and was amazed to see your reference to the John Butler Trio. I stumbled upon them via the "on demand" function of cable television a couple of years ago, and try to see them whenever they're in the U.S. Now I'm enjoying your lovely photos *and* your musical recommendations!