Saturday, March 03, 2007

Five Hundred Songs - Whew!

Well, I've been put to shame. I've just returned from a walk with the favorite ex and I'm sweating and near exhaustion. I don't think her rate of breathing even increased. Whew!

My battle with the squirrel in my basement is over thanks to a rat trap. I found his entrance and took care that none can get in again. Whew!

The big storm that paralyzed New England, Ontario and Quebec was very mild here. We got a couple of cm. of snow, some wind and today the temperature is very warm and everything is melting like crazy. Whew!

I have a friend coming over for the afternoon and am looking forward to that. If we were having a big storm no one could be on the roads and I'm happy that's not the case. Whew!

Music for today: Tonight the Maritimes are in a perfect position to see the lunar eclipse. We haven't a cloud in the sky right now and hopefully it will remain clear this evening. Here are some moon songs for the occasion. No Moon At All by Jeri Southern, Wish I Was the Moon by Neko Case, Eryka Badu with Orange Moon and here's a link for Lamya's Pink Moon. For song number five hundred, we have Blossom Dearie's Moonlight Saving Time. Changes to the music page tomorrow. Whew!


Ocean said...

Could we see the lunar eclipse here?q

Anonymous said...

Well the storm definitely affected me! I had a morning meeting in Chicago on Thursday, and was supposed to return Thursday afternoon. My flight ended up getting cancelled, and I was booked to come home Friday afternoon. IT got cancelled too, and I didn't get home until Saturday! S was smart because she got me to pack an extra pairs of socks and 'sexies' just in case. But I guess she wasn't that smart, because I needed two pairs of extras! I did get to go to my favorite pizza place in the world though, Gine's East Pizza.

Cuidado said...

So great to hear from you both. I'm calling you tomorrow A and you tonight, ocean. Kenz is trying to talk to you now. Such a pain in the... I'm heading out to see the eclipse. Later. Mom