Thursday, March 15, 2007

Noise and Laughter

The house was filled with my daughters friends last night....even small, little, wee friends. Nice to have the noise and activity. You don't think you'll ever miss noise but you do. I won't see a whole lot of her because she has a pretty heavy social schedule in her short few days. I have to share.

Our snow is gone except small piles where there were drifts such as along the edges of fields against the woods. We'll get more but the frost has come out of the ground and any snow will now sink right in. PEI's famous mud season has officially begun.

Restless Farewell is one of my favorite Bob Dylan songs. I found a version of it at Keep The Coffee Coming a few weeks back. So here's Bob's version and one by Norman Blake from the album, Nod To Bob, a Bob Dylan Tribute album.

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