Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Circle Of Life

This is my friend's horse, about to foal. I talked to my sister this morning and she was talking about her new calf with another coming any day. Spring and rebirth.

It's also a time for dying. I spent the afternoon with a friend whose mother died yesterday. Mine died nine years this coming Tuesday and another friend's Mom died eleven years on Tuesday. The end of March and early April is a time with many many Aries. Always there are these dichotomies in our lives.

It was a nice day for driving around. I stopped at a little waterfall dam for a couple of photos. The snow is pretty much gone with bits here and ther at edges of woods or in ditches.

My friend's mom, Isabelle, was of Irish parents. I believe they immigrated when she was a baby. Music is dedicated to her today. From the Irish singer, Mary Black, is Lay Down Your Burden. I met Isabelle in the seventies long before I met her daughter who was to become my friend. She was a fine woman, a mother of eight and had a constant smile on her face. She will really be missed in her community and in her family. Another song for Isabelle is In The Great Unknown by Mary Fahl. Rest in Peace, Isabelle.

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