Thursday, March 08, 2007

Just Thoughts

International Women's Day made me dig this photo out of my files. It is a five generation photo taken in 1983. My sister and niece are in this photo but there are some of me taken on the same day as well, with my daughter an enlarged bump in my dress. My son was at home in PEI.
  • I have five nieces, two great nieces and one nephew.
  • Twenty-four years ago my grandmother didn't have grey hair.
  • My mother didn't either when she died at sixty.
  • My mother was an only child, as was my father's mother. Both wanted and had big families.
  • My father had four sisters. I am extremely close to two of them though they live far away.
  • Few families get a chance to have five generations, let alone ones with all women.
  • My grandmother in the photo is still alive. She will be ninety-one this month.
  • I have one daughter and one grand-daughter. My daughter is on a plane for Boston right now and will be here next week.
  • She's telling me in a few days what she'd like me to cook for her when she's home.

Anyway, today I salute all the women in my family.....and in yours.

I've changed my musical selection from what I had planned. There is still a Waifs song but one that tells about love for a mother. Here's Gillian. Also, a powerful voice from an international woman. Chevala with L'lorona. I love these second, shorter introductions.

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Christine said...

I love this picture. I've got an OLD 8x10 of it somewhere. I might have to track it down and get it framed. (For those that don't know. I'm C's niece -- the little girl in the pic.)