Monday, March 05, 2007

Counting Down

Well, I think the squirrel problem has been taken care of this time. My wildlife guy got two more this morning and no more have appeared. It seems that I had trapped these two in when I blocked their entrance. This is the hope. If more appear, they have another entrance. They knocked a bunch of canning jars off a shelf this morning, breaking three.

The girls are absolutely no help in the situation. If you remember the photo from last week, they sit with the squirrels, keeping them company while they eat the bird seed. I keep them for their other qualities but have been telling them all weekend that they're supposed to earn their keep and take care of rodents about the house.

Trying to finish up some paintings in case I need the studio soon for glass work. Started varnishing a bunch of pieces today. I've been fairly productive overall and haven't had a lot of frustrating or clumsy days. I always find painting very therapeutic, maybe because I have to sit still for a bit.

Link music today; easier for you. For what I hope is the situation with the squirrels, the Bette LaVette version of Down to Zero and Toots Thielman's version of Over The Rainbow for the wonderful colours of paint.

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