Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Off to the Races

We are having the weirdest weather today. We had major flurries this morning that left about a centimeter of fluffy snow on the ground. The temperature went up, it sprinkle-rained a little bit and now the sun is shining brightly. It was too yucky to go for my walk at the usual time so I think I'll go now instead. More traffic this time of day is the only drawback.

Because of the bright sunshine this afternoon, Van Morrison's Whenever God Shines His Light seems like an appropriate song. Van has a song that's appropriate in any situation doesn't he? This one is not for the occasion but it's a favorite Van Morrison song of mine....Steal My Heart Away. I get flutters hearing it right now. Whew! Oh, it does have the line, "Like the sunshine after rain" so it fits in nicely.

Off to walk.

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