Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Winds and Blue Water

I just cleaned my glasses and still can't see what is in this thumbnail in my photos but I saved it from the walk around the pond on Monday. Ah ha, the dam. Water rushing over a rock with some blue from the sky reflection. My lovely little world.

Having a little dinner party tomorrow. The food will be good; I'm having scallops and salmon. The company will be even better. A fun group of friends. We'll figure out the answers to all the world's problems in the first hour, laugh for the second, have dinner and blissfully go into the night.

We had wicked, wicked winds overnight. A huge windstorm with, again, about a centimeter of snow that disappeared as soon as the sun came out. Poor man's fertilizer as it's known around here. I've experienced the wonderful benefits of having that moisture sinking into the ground rather than running off. Anyway, a huge industrial sign at my neighbour's was damaged from the wind. I don't wake easily but the roaring woke me last night. Really wild!

It's the first day of spring today isn't it? I was just saying to my friend today how green the grass is. Even with earlier springsthe last few years, the grass had died off in the winter but it didn't this year. It's still green here.

Some music from Peter Mulvey.....mellow at it's best. Out Here and You Meet the Nicest People In Your Dreams are kind of fitting.

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