Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Mistica Marmelade

From Sunday's Drive

It's really, really windy but hasn't started to snow. A good excuse to stay inside, I say. I've hardly been home the last three days so it's great to be home piddling around on the web, painting, cleaning, cooking and simple things like that. There's no place like home.

My daughter needs me to do some banking for her here but it can wait till Friday. We often talk on the phone when she's commuting on busses and walking through the city. Today she took two busses and walked one stretch of 20 blocks and I'm not sure how many she'd done when we started our conversation. She certainly gets her exercise. She wants a car though. It would make it easier and save time but she'll lose out on all that exercise. I almost wrote fresh air but she lives in the middle of a city so it's probably not like the sea breezes around here.

Needless to say, this was a dancing day. A couple of days ago I had some French rap; today some Latin rap. Orishas is a European band with one member from Spain, one from France and one from Italy. Their song Mistica is good rap for dancing. If it's violent, I don't know because I can't underestand it.

I've been dancing to Patti LaBelle's Lady Marmelade since 1970. I put up someone elses version in Page One but never Pattie's. Here today, and forevermore on Page Two is Lady Marmelade by the great, Patti LaBelle.

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