Saturday, March 17, 2007

Day of the Green

Funny how Kenz likes to help me blog most days. I type with my arms around her, pushing and manipulating her body so that I can see and use the keyboard. Every once in a while it annoys me but not very often.

My daughter is downloading movies on her laptop with my wireless connection so it's using up the upload/download juice. Took a long time to get this photo up. I'll probably not attempt any new music today but link some songs instead.

We're going out to supper and to a movie tonight which will be fun though I didn't ask what movie everyone wants to see. I only watch comedies so we may be in different movies which has happened many times before. It's going to be sad to see my girlie go back out west.

One music link for St. Paddy's day is Whatever Gets You True from Paddy Casey. Couldn't think of a name more appropriate for the day. The man from Belfast has to be featured too, of course. Someone Like You, a beautiful, beautiful song from the one and only Van Morrison is my wish for the top of the day to you all.

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Anonymous said...

For a miinute I thought that was a current picture. I am not too swift you know..