Monday, March 12, 2007

Icy Clean Up


There was a large fire in downtown Charlottetown on Friday. There is a crane there today tearing down the buildings. I stopped for a few photos. It was warm yesterday and today but on Friday and Saturday supposedly there were huge icicles everywhere - even on the firemen.

The photo in the middle with the frozen couch is of Rose's Barber Shop. My boys always had their haircuts from Rose when she worked for someone else and a couple of years ago she branched off on her own. My youngest had his first haircut from her. I believe four businesses were burned out and neighbouring businesses had water damage. All very sad.

I have my reservations to go to see my grandkids and my aunts next month. I am a surrogate daughter to one aunt and uncle who never had children. I talked to them for an hour yesterday and told them I'd call today with the dates and times. They were so excited. After I'd hung up after today call, my uncle called just to say goodbye again. They're very eccentric and I'm absolutely crazy about them. They're such fun!

Music today: In playing with the Latin dance music yesterday I was reminded of the Thalia version of La Vie En Rose. Grace Jones also does a fabulous dance version. Check them out on Page Two. Here are Page One links to the Madeleine Peyroux version as well as the first we came to know by Edith Piaf. These are dedicated to Rose from Rose's Barber Shop.


Anonymous said...

Holy cow - I can't believe Ray's burnt down! What happened? Wow. Is everyone okay?
- A

Cuidado said...

Rose moved out on her own. Rose's burned, not Ray,s. They don't know the cause yet because the buildings were not safe to go into.

Cuidado said...

Didn't finish answering. It happened in the middle of the night. No people were hurt but a dog who woke his family died after the family got out. Also a cat died. Eight people are homeless.

Anonymous said...

Wow. So where is that?