Thursday, March 22, 2007

Blue Shadows

This photo taken a few weeks ago is hopefully a last look at snow in my driveway. The plow guy has only been here once or twice this year so it's been a bit of a savings for the winter budget. The rise in oil prices absorbed that pretty quickly though so I'm no further ahead.

I have scallops marinating, the concoction I'm basting the salmon with is melding, the salad is finished, and everything else is all planned out so that I can sit with my guests with just a bit of kitchen work to attend to. Everything but the rice (and salad) is being cooked in the oven.

I'm kind of tired though because my sleep was interrupted. I got back to sleep eventually but I'm off, to be sure. I wish my body would allow for a bit of leeway in the amount of sleep I need.

I was surprised that Stephanie Edwards was the singer to be booted from American Idol. I liked her a lot.

There's no theme to today's music other that I like it and you might too. First is Salala from African singer Angelique Kidjo dueting (is this a word?) with Peter Gabriel. It's a song I include in my playlists for dancing. The second song today is an oldie but related to the African beat and good for dancing. I'm not sure if it's from the fifties or sixties but I remember it from back then. Give a a listen to Iko Iko from The Dixie Cups. It reminds me of the old skipping songs and clapping games of childhood.


Ocean said...

yummm dinner party with moms cooking!!!

Cuidado said...

Yummm. It was really good too.

Anonymous said...

Mom, we are up and off at 3AM tomorrow! I'll try to check out the blog while we are gone, and will be available every couple days or so at my gmail address..


Cuidado said...

Have a really great time and leave work behind. Relaxxxxxxxx!

Anonymous said...

Work is now officially in my past!!!