Friday, March 09, 2007

Page Two

Went to one of my previously cancelled dinner parties last night. We had Japanese food and saki, and it was very interesting, meeting new people in the community but knowing they have all the background info and work for your ex-husband. It's never completely fresh when you live in a small community.

I've made Page Two in Putfile. Songs 500 to 1000 (oh my) will be found there.

The first song I ever uploaded on Page One of Putfile was Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby by Renee Olstead. The third song I uploaded was the same song by it's composer Louis Jordan. I love both versions. Funny thing is, I first heard the song and fell in love with it through Joe Jackson's 1991 album, Jumpin'Jive. I love, love, love that album. He did it as a tribute to his father and it's soooo different from any other Joe Jackson album before or since. It seems fitting that the first song I upload to Page Two should be that song but by Joe Jackson....kind of coming full circle.

My kids grew up on this album and will all know these songs from driving in the car. Jumpin' Jive was a staple cassette in my car stereo with others such as Famous Blue Raincoat, To Long In Exile, The Rose Vaughan Trio and many others. Jumpin Jive is by far the oldest and I love it!! I chose this second song to sample for my kids. They liked this one, Jack, You're Dead.

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