Friday, September 04, 2009

That Friday Fondness

September has been a busy month so far but this afternoon I got some beach time. It was glorious. The water was colder than the last time I swam but a swim was just what I needed to relax and refresh. My friend and I went in at different times but did the same thing - floated and watched the clouds. It was heavenly. I think we'll have some more beach days and the water may even warm up. I think the cold is from two hurricanes blowing and raining the last two weekends.

I made pickled beets this morning and have officially slid into pickle mode. I've been given cucumbers whenever I want to pick them and that will be tomorrow. I have three batches of various pickles planned. I am making beer tomorrow as well. This is a good time of year for that too with the cooler temperatures. I have apples ripe and ready for jelly, pies and/or desserts and the garden's tomatoes are perfect for putting by. It's a busy season.

I went woods walking and picked some chanterelle mushrooms this week. I enjoyed them with steak that night and have enough for two more meals. They are so incredibly delicious. I'm later than usual foraging for them so they're past their prime in amounts still pickable. They are loved by worms and slugs as well as humans so it is always a race to see who gets them first.

What a Wonderful World is the first song I think of when I remember my lovely beach afternoon with my friend today. I've got a great version of that classic by Katie Melua and Eva Cassidy. Prince Edward Island's own, Catherine MacLellan, has a perfect song for this afternoon too. Take a Break is exactly what I did after a very busy week. I love Fridays!


Ralph said...

You're making me hungry!

Cuidado said...

You have to pickle when you live in the country, Ralph. Didn't you know that?

Ralph said...

HA! I made a fetish of piclking in the early 80s in Arlington--pickling and "putting up." I soon had to admit the tomatoes in the can were better than the ones I put up, and we didn't have enough company to justify all the peach pies and preserves I had enough peaches for. I still do make some favorite cucumber pickles, though--about every 5 years. it takes us that long to go through a batch.

Cuidado said...

Should have known you'd be an old hand at the art, Ralph. We are all pickle lovers in this family and I give lots away. Tomatoes, I freeze whole and use them for sauces. I hoped to have enough green tomatoes for chow chow but they are ripening too fast and too well.