Thursday, May 29, 2008


I've been having trouble with my camera; taking photos off, putting them on to the computer. My son suggested I might have a slot on my computer to accept the camera's memory card. It does and I have a hassle free method to retrieve my photos. How handy!

When I planted the tulips in the photo, the tree there was an apple tree. The tree blew down in a November storm in the late eighties. I replanted an oak in the mid nineties. It always seems like such a surprise each spring to see these lovely red tulips to emerge from the grass.

I had an early shift and staff meeting so correct posting time is of no importance at this point. It is another reason for being late but it's a good one. I had some company too and will get to this blog job when I get to it. I'm not sure why I get stressed about what time I post. I'm often encouraged to let up on my strict schedules but find them comforting. My body works best when it does the same thing at the same time each day. We all have our individual Circadium rhythms and are less or more strict about it. But for today....

Reading back made me sound uptight - even to myself and I'm not really that strict. My life goes off schedule all the time. I just like to talk about it. Heck, the last several months for me have been about as off schedule as a person can find themselves in.

Time is what the music is about too. Chicago's famous Does Anyone Really Know What Time It Is is the first thing that comes to mind and Try Me One More Time, this fabulous, folky-blues selection from David Bromberg. I've always got time for good music and love both these songs, all the time in the world to listen to music.

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Dan said...

Using a memory card reader is always better than using the camera itself. If your computer didn't have one, you could always pick up a USB card reader fairly cheap.

Also, remember to FORMAT your memory card instead of just deleting the images either in-camera or on the computer. Do the formatting in the camera, not on your computer.

I have several memory cards which I always format prior to each use.