Friday, May 02, 2008

Who's Having Lobster?

I had a great afternoon. A friend was completely changing the menu for her restaurant and invited some people over to taste test for her. We ate and ate and ate, so much that there was no room left for dessert. I just walked in my door and the smell in here is heavenly. I had put frozen ribs in the oven before I left on very low heat and they are a tender mass of deliciousness.
Lobster fishers are bringing their first catches in today so some people will be having lobster for supper. I would say my ribs will be just as good as lobster.

The sunshine did not arrive today but will tomorrow. It will be warm but not hot as predicted earlier in the week but we'll take what we get. This is my last week of freedom. I start work next week though I'm not ready. I have a meeting on Monday and will find out my schedule.

Joni Mitchell is bringing us music today. One of my favorite songs of hers is Chinese Cafe from her '82 album Wild Things Run Fast. I couldn't believe that was from '82. I would have guessed '85 or '86. People's Parties from Court and Spark also fits nicely today. Every once in a while a song really hits me and I play it over and over. Wonderful Life by The Felice Brothers is the latest. I can't get enough of it. I love the song and lyrics and the vocals sound a bit like Dylan. I'd highly recommend a listen.


Nan said...

It sounds like you had a great day. Thanks for the post - with the double-Joni-bonus for me! Two of my favorites.

Cuidado said...

My day got better. My son brought home lobster. I've been a huge Joni fan since the beginning - love her through all her styles and voices.

Ralph said...

I love all Joni, too--especially this relatively later stuff which I lost track of and am still learning about. Really like Chinese Café!

Your dinner: yum!

Cuidado said...

My dinner got even better, Ralph. My son brought home lobster. I'd recommend the whole Wild Things Run Fast album, which Chinese Cafe is from.

Kat said...

Okay, you just named two of my favorite foods: ribs and lobster. Then you added Joni to the mix. Who said we have nothing left of paradise?

Cuidado said...

Add alcohol and mix, Kat, and Paradise is in sight.