Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bob's Day

It's Still Raining!!!!!

Is it morning again already? I'd better get accustomed to blogging in the morning. I just remembered that I am to post and it's 10:20. Even though I get up at 5:30 it doesn't quite fit with me till late afternoon. It's an important day to post though......

I'll get right to the music. It's Bob Dylan's 67th birthday today. He has been one of the greatest influences on folk, country and pop music for five decades. He deserves a post. I planned to give some interesting links and the first is what Googlesearch brought up today. The first item up was a review from The Cronicle Herald saying that Dylan had committed songacide at his concert this past Wednesday night in Halifax. That review could have been written by my youngest brother a few years ago. I took two of my kids and my two brothers to see Dylan in Moncton and we loved it but my brother did not. He'd wanted Dylan to sing his songs the same way they were recorded. He really did change them a lot. I kind of liked that and said that he could do what he wanted with his own songs. The linked article is in agreement with my bro.

Bob Dylan's own website is interesting. Until I had a look through I didn't know he had won a Pulitzer Prize. I also has a link to a gallery featuring his artwork. His tour dates show he's still very busy.

My oldest son is Dylan's biggest fan. Even one of his kids has Dylan as part of their name. Every time he could choose the topic for a paper in high school or university, it was Bob Dylan. It's certainly easy to buy gifts for him. One thing that puzzle me is this. I am a huge Waifs fan. Bob Dylan is a huge Waifs fan and had them open for him for an entire tour yet my son doesn't like the Waifs. Go figure. I can't.

I have tons of Bob Dylan albums, cassettes, cd's and files. Lots and lots to choose from if I wanted to play him all day long.....and all night long. Here are a few links from songs already featured here: Spanish Harlem Incident, Girl From the North Country, Cohen's Halleluja, Just Like a Woman, The Times We've Known, Buckets of Rain, Tough Mama, I Pity the Poor Immigrant, Blowin' In the Wind, I'll Be Your Baby Tonight, The Times We've Known, Heart of Mine, Shooting Star (one of my favorites), Cold Irons Bound, Fixin' To Die, and the rest I've put up have been removed. Two additions for today are Gotta Serve Somebody from one of my favorite of his albums, Slow Train Coming. A lot of people didn't like this period of Dylan's, his religious period but I really love this album. Another favorite is Not Dark Yet. Tomorrow I'll put up these two songs by other people. Don't want them to horn in on Bob's Day


Nan said...

Cuidado, thanks for the reminder! I too need to do a Dylan HBD tribute post!! Now . . . what to pick!?

Kat said...

Dylan is one of my musical heroes. Waiting for every new album to come out was pure misery. I still play him in the car and sing along for all I'm worth. I wore out many of his vinyl albums. I remember I played John Wesley Harding so often in college My roommates hid the album. It's still one of my favorites.

Cuidado said...

Nan, everyone has their favorite Dylan songs. There are so, so many great ones to choose from that you'll find something good.

Cuidado said...

I'm the same, kat. I know my son comes by his love honestly. I love JW Harding too and I like him from all periods - a great singer-songwriter - maybe the greatest.

Anonymous said...

Hey sis.
It wasn't just the way he sang the songs it was the songs.
What Dylan songs I do like are his old stuff and when we went to see him it was mostly all new.

Cuidado said...

That too but I remember you talking about specific old songs being done differently. Did you read the article?

Anonymous said...

Hey Sis.
I just read it.
It sounds like when saw him in Moncton.
The Hermit

Ralph said...

The first Dylan lyric I heard was "Blowin' in the Wind" and I, myself, was blown away, too! I thoght, "WHO is saying these things that need so badly to be said???" He spoke for a generation and gave us our marching orders.

But he had to be "translated" for me by other voices--I could never hack his style or his voice. The documentaries I've seen of his earlyt stage performances show how much fun he could be, or pwerful, depending on hgis mood. But I think I understand your your kids are coming from, Cuidado. What you see on the stage at any given time is waht you get. Not necessarily a re-creatuion of what he recorded. Can be disappointing, or not, depending on the depth of your devotion to hte man.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ma,
So I listened to a full Waifs disk the other day, just to see if a couple years had changed my tune. Nope - they still suck!

BTW, I have lost the CD you made for me at Easter. Sasha and I have both searched, and I can't find it anywhere. I know you save all the ones you make. Could you burn me another?