Monday, May 26, 2008

At Home

I'm late starting and feeling a bit rushed. The day got away on me. I had a couple hours wait for car repairs. Had breakfast/lunch, did a couple errands and spent a ton of money, yet had so much to do at home. Chores, chores, chores. I'm tired too. This last three day shift was tough. I start five day weeks this week.

I found respite however - in my glorious garden. I have lots of flowers in bloom. Tulips and daffodils are most dense but I have irises, violets, perennial big purple bachelor button type flowers, a wild rhodendrum bush, forget-me-nots, and plants and trees leafing out everywhere. I picked several vases of flowers. I sniffed, weeded, snipped, touched, and became one with the gardens and trees. It is so beautiful this time of year. The dandelion in king in the countryside's landscape. A terrible day to forgot my camera but I did and didn't have it in the garden either so this is a photo from same time last year.

I picked a ton of asparagus too and offered some to my sister-in-law but forgot to give it to her when she left. I can't keep up with it, being the only person living here who likes it. I'll blanch and freeze some tomorrow. It will be truly appreciated at a dinner a couple months from now.

Music continues to be songs I'm trying to replace; essentials on the Cuidado music pages. It's such a pain that they were removed in the first place. I've written about The Skiffle Sessions in the past and how I found them and what they mean to me. The link has songs and there's a few more if you use the search on the upper left. Here are two replacements to show where I felt best today, at home. Here's I Wanna Go Home and Goin' Home from the remarkable, fabulous Skiffle Sessions. One of my all-time favorite albums!!!!!!!


Unknown said...

How can anyone not like asparagus?

Cuidado said...

I was forcing it on my sis in law too and she was going to give it to her hubby. Lots don't. I have a ton!

Kat said...

We had glorious sun on Sunday and Monday, the holiday here, but today we have rain. It is a gentle rain, unobtrusive and quiet, a welcome rain.

We seem to shift our weather back and forth to one another.

Cuidado said...

It rained all morning but is fabulous, though windy, this afternoon.