Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Something to Crow About

I have a surgery date. The tenth of March is the big day - twelve more sleeps. I want it out tomorrow but must be patient. I have lots to keep me occupied in the meantime and will concentrate on those things.

We had a non storm today. Schools were canceled but the snow stopped at 8 am, and the freezing rain and rain did not materialize. It was really beautiful in early morning as the snow was wet enough that it stuck to the trees making everything look like a winter wonderland. The wind came up and in about fifteen minutes there wasn't a bit of snow on the trees. I went for a walk after lunch as it was sunny and warm. A very nice non storm day. Nice too because I completed my income tax, one of those jobs we all dread.

I still need that essential music that has been removed to be back on the music pages. I don't know if I've ever told the story here of my discovery of "The Skiffle Sessions." Every Sunday morning for years I read a week's worth of posts to a news group about Van Morrison. I valued the opinions of the group as I deemed them to be like me - huge Van fans. When Van's new album, The Skiffle Sessions, came out in 1998, the group thoroughly panned it. I went along and believed that it was awful without even hearing it. In the summer I attended a friend's annual outdoor 'seafood party' which is a much anticipated event in my group. While mingling I heard the old song, It Takes A Worried Man. I immediately loved it and then on the next song heard Van's voice joining in. What is this?!?! I found my host who is a huge Van fan as well and he told me it was The Skiffle Sessions. I had read the whole week's posts for the news group earlier that morning and never again did I go back. It didn't take me long to get the cd and it remains one of my favorite albums. All of the songs are songs from my youth. I learned to play, I Wanna Go Home on the guitar when I was eleven or twelve. I love every song on it. Today, I'll put up Good Night, Irene as well as that fore-mentioned first song on th album. This version of Good Night, Irene has a story of it's own.


Ralph said...

Problems with both songs, Cuidado. Goodnight Irene just loops back to your web page, putfile never opens. And putfile can't find worried mna--"incorrect URL?" is the error response.

I'm in a small minority, have never been a Morrison fan, but on your sayso (and I LOVE Goodnight, Irene!) I want to give this a try....

Kat said...

I got both of them to work so thanks for the fix.

I first found skiffle through Lonnie Donegan so I was pleased to hear him here.

I haven't ever heard of this album before this. Thanks!

Cuidado said...

Ralph, Putfile has redesigned again. I have to go change all the links I made yesterday in my shutterchance blog You can queue your posts there and I have photos in line till almost the end of March - all with incorrect links. Grrrr!

Cuidado said...

I have quite a love of Lonnie Donnigan and absolutely love this happy, energetic album.