Saturday, February 02, 2008

A Winning Week

My blog, Photos and Pursuits, is my answer to the daily photo challenges available to the photo community throughout the week. For each daily challenge, I either upload a shot from my Shutterchance blog or post a new one on Photos and Pursuits.

Some of the challenges have 'winners', some do not. Some of winners are decided by popular vote, some are chosen from a volunteer judge and some are chosen from the site owner. This week I was a winner in two of them and last week was a winner in one. What is so strange is that I was getting discouraged and this week didn't bother to enter two on Tueday or one on Wednesday. Here are links to the challenges which link to the winning photos. Today's Unique Exposures, last week's Unique Exposures, and Shutterday. I can't link to the specific week on Shutterday but the subject was Smoke 'em If You Got 'em. I like that this one is popular vote.

Today's music brings Sia. I like her kind of unusual voice that is so filled with emotion. Today I have Distractions and Soon We'll Be Found. Check out her My Space page. Here are a couple from before: Little Black Sandals and I Go to Sleep. Her song Breathe, which was the first I heard and really like, has disappeared.

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